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Syracuse NY Dining's Journal
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Thursday, February 12th, 2009
10:42 am
My Top 3 Syracuse Restos
I've been to Syracuse a couple of times already, the last one was in November 2008. Aside from the great surroundings, sights and sounds of the place, a visit to Syracuse will never be complete without enjoying the best delicacies offered by several great restaurants in the place. I mean, this yummy stuff will keep you seated on your bar stool while you beg for some more! It's proven and tasted.;)

Here are my top 3 favorite restos that I kept on visiting every time I need to catch a good meal when I stayed for a couple of weeks in Syracuse:

1. Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub & Restaurant (301 W Fayette St. Syracuse, NY 13202)

- You can taste the wonders of the world when you get to eat their all-time specialties. Plus, ambiance is perfect for family gathering, dates and other celebrations.

2. Gentile's Restaurant (305 Burnet Ave Syracuse)

- The epitome of class and sophistication. This Italian restaurant offers the real taste of Italian cuisine. The bar was extremely beautiful with a hot bartender chick!

3. Red Lobster Restaurant (2965 Erie Blvd E)

- Whoooh! The best seafood resto in town baby!
Monday, October 4th, 2004
12:34 am
Just wanted to offer a couple reviews of some places from this weekend.

Joeys: Italian Restaurant near Carrier Circle... Very good antipasta and my wife's chicken parmesan looked delicious. My surf and turf was just what I needed but the filet was more charbroiled on the outside than I cared for. The prices on most of the dishes were nice. Make reservations on the weekends. At least this time they were booked till eleven friday and saturday.

Samrat Indian Restaurant (On Crouse by CVS): Samrats is a low key atmosphere and was quite good. I personally loved the chicken biryani and Naan (flat bread) We actually ate here twice this weekend. The owner says I can hang out in the kitchen a couple hours this week and actually learn to make some curry. Prices are great but the smell outside Darwins (which is downstairs) was of throw up and explosive dookie. Which put a damper on our second meal.

Aladdins (on Marshall): Most of you have probably been here but its always empty! I hope it doesn't close down cause this has the best quality food i've tasted in the area. The goat cheese pasta with pistachios and chicken is tasty. And either the mediterranean salad (with crumbled goat cheese) or Roman Salad (with apples and a feta/olive oil dressing) are big enough for two.

Hair Trends Salon (on crouse): Only reason i put this on here is i've seen a few post about beauty salons. My wife loved it. She had a bad/expensive experience last month in Syracuse so this time she approached carefully. But the italian owner (who recommended Joey's too) said he could take care of her and I have to say even I was impressed. He actually said, "I'm Italian. Of course, I do everything incredible!"
Saturday, August 7th, 2004
3:25 pm
hey all i'm new to the community. has anyone been to the restaurant, Frank's? it's in the town of Cicero or Clay. i always go there with my aunt and uncle. it's delicious and it is reasonably priced. stop by for lunch or dinner if you get the chance. o and Oscar's restaurant in North Syracuse is a great place for breakfast.

Current Mood: excited
Friday, November 14th, 2003
11:23 am
This sounds like a cool community. I can't believe more people haven't found it!
Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
12:38 pm
I was curious to know what everyone's favorite restaraunt was in Syracuse or surrounding areas. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to get really good seafood?

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
11:43 am
What is your favorite restaurant in Syracuse?
Friday, March 28th, 2003
12:17 pm
Welcome to my community. The reason why I made this community is because I'm sick and tired of the same restaurants in Syracuse that I go to and figured that there has to be places I don't even know about. So I figured that this is a way that I can find out about them and everyone can reviews on the places in Syracuse. Each week I'll post about 5+ restaurants in Syracuse and everyone can comment about them. Mind you the discussions don't have to be just about the selected restaurants. Talk about any place you've gone to.

Also if you had a bad experience somewhere and need to bitch about it feel free.

Ok so here is this weeks list:

*Spaghetti Warehouse
*Whats your beef?
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